Scientist Factory


Scientist Factory's Basus

A programming environment for absolute beginners that want to learn real computer programming.

Java 1.6 or newer required: If you don't have Java already, plase download your free copy from Sun and install it before continuing.

To run Basus, you need to download basus.jar and run it using Java. If double-clicking the downloaded file doesn't start it, try opening a command prompt in the directory containing the file and run the following command:

    java -jar basus.jar

If that still doesn't work, plase send an E-mail to Sverre for support.


  • The Examples menu contains several programs. Pick one, and click Run or press F11 to see what the program does.
  • Basus programs may be terminated by pressing F12.
  • Help is available for language constructs. Click on a word in the program text and press F1.


Selected Basus programs running as applets (again, Java required):

Feel free to send your own programs to Sverre to have them listed here.

Basus IDE

Basus IDE: Click to enlarge

Basus version history